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cocaine in my pussy!'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
cocaine in my pussy!

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[11 Jan 2003|09:00am]
also, why are you bragging? now you have fucked yourself out of having your straight edge communion next year.
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[11 Jan 2003|08:53am]
i just saw the video of the converge set from gainesville fest and who ever started calling it a riot is a fucking moron. all i saw were the typical little florida bitch fights and a bunch of crackers clapping. meanwhile the band they think is all about the "riot" is shaking their heads at the floridian crackers that think they are hot shit for moving a piece of plywood. weak guys, real weak.
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[09 Jan 2003|02:35pm]
i dont know what all this shit about next season breaking up is all about. next season is responsible for more shitty bands then the promise ring. does fallen hero ring a bell?

despite what you may of heard there will be no next season rip party at michelles apartment. that is unless someone decides to bring me some FREE cocaine.
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[08 Jan 2003|10:01pm]
i should probably stop spending all my money on music when i dont have that much money at all. its 10 o lock and im going to bed. insane. michelle should stop breathing.
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[05 Jan 2003|11:27pm]
i would like to thank robin davies and her extensive knowledge of css, html and globalheading merging that made my new, amazing layout possible.

be sure to check it out.
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[04 Jan 2003|10:47am]
in the past few days ive gotten good cds. i got television, two echo and the bunnymen cds, the fall, jesus and mary chain, liars, interpol, and the new yeah yeah yeah ep (that one was for michelle). that makes me happy. ive been going to sleep so early and waking up so early. today i need to find a job.
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[04 Jan 2003|10:38am]
never thought id say this but at this point i would settle for any job.
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[03 Jan 2003|10:51am]
you feel dizzy constantly and when you close your eyes you feel like you are spinning around in cirlces. then it goes away and you think your doing fine so you fall asleep just to walk up again feeling sick. you feel like you are running a marathon even though you are standing in one place. your nose drips down the back of your throat and it makes you feel like you have eaten to much which makes you feel even more sick. you shiver like your cold but then you start sweating.

fit one is over and was passed with a few problems but im still sober.
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[02 Jan 2003|10:10pm]
wear longer shirts so your stomach is covered AT ALL TIMES.
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[02 Jan 2003|09:53pm]
alright first off laurin....
dont try to pretend because anyone who has known you for over a year knows that you have no taste what so ever. stop trying to act like you are all of a sudden about good music. you should of stuck to the shitty screamy music. and while we are on the subject of bad screamy music lets talk about how you listen to hung by hope STILL. could you possibily make it anymore obvious that you are stuck in the past? you know back when people gave a shit about you and you actually had a name. i mean sure your name could of been "jason's friend" for all anyone was concerned but its a hell of a lot better then "that fat girl from jacksonville" actually wait you dont even have that you just have "who?". dont bother shit talking little girl because you will fail. stop talking about how you are gonna move to gainesville. ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. you dont fallow through on any of the shit you say you are gonna so give it a rest. did i mention the real reason you dont go to the art bar? well its obvious to me. you most likely dont go there because no in jacksonville wants to see your fat ass dance because they would throw their over priced mix drinks up all of the floor and get puke all over their new skateboarding shoes or whatever the fuck jacksonville kids wear. or maybe it makes you feel bad about yourself because your fat ass never really made it into the scene.
let talk about how you change stories ALL THE TIME. first off champ, i dont wear versace. i would rather kill myself then wear some pseudo latin looking shit. you atleast got the first part of my statement right. WEARING GIRL PANTS FROM THE GAP DOES NOT COUNT AS BEING FASHIONABLE. laurin i know you think it does as do half the other kids in central florida. i know you think your ex boyfriend that you are never gonna get over is fashionable because he looks so "cute and mod" but its just true dear. secondly, last i checked you telling that i could have whatever money you had left over from paying for your hotel room doesnt count as me taking all the money from your wallet. espically when it was only 14 dollar when i was promised atleast 20 or 30. also while we are on the subject of promises where the fuck are those drugs you promised me? oh yeah, nowhere to be found. big fucking surprise. i definatly could of used the drugs while i was driving your fat ass all the way to gainesville. seriously your ass took up half of the car. i mean i know that michelle and i are very skinny and very attractive but a little more then the driver's seat definatly would of made things more comfortable. the way i look at it you owe me 14 bucks and some drugs. TING!
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[02 Jan 2003|12:26pm]
im sorry fatty but no matter how you look at it cats falling out of windows is a funny thing.
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dialogue from last night [02 Jan 2003|12:34am]
michelle: jason come back here turn around
jason: ok (turns around)
michelle: you have a nice ass. later on tonight when everyone leaves im gonna stick it to you up the ass.
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[01 Jan 2003|05:52pm]
last night was pretty lame. i feel pretty sick today. im pretty much out of cigarettes. michelle is pretty.
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[29 Dec 2002|04:05am]
dont forget, party here on new years. starts at 10 pm. there will be alcohol but it would be amazing if anyone could chip in some cash for the alcohol or if they could bring some. also if anyone wants any ________ it would be there isnt going be much thats up for sale but we will have some. that will cost you money though.
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[28 Dec 2002|06:58pm]
yesterday i got some new clothes. diesel shoes. kenneth cole shoes. diesel pants. diesel sweater. new jacket. new sunglasses. i have to drive to orlando tomorrow to return more shit for more money. i definatly probably should of gone to the mall with michelle.
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[25 Dec 2002|01:35pm]
the only things worth mentioning are...
the diesel sweater
society in the spectecle
comments on the society...
300 dollars
and all the other disgusting clothes that i will return for coke money.
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[25 Dec 2002|07:46am]
Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!
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[25 Dec 2002|07:18am]
i was suppose to go to sleep last night at like midnight. its now 7 18 and i got home like 25 minutes ago. i stole michelle form her moms house and i wasnt going to bring her back but i did anyway and i probably shouldnt of because then she would be stuck in at our apartment away from her moms with no way to get her present. the cobra now belongs to me. we get a pet duck this weekend and im guessing it will survive a week. need i remind the new years party will have strippers and protitutes. tonight michelle and i watched girls gone wild ads for like an hour.
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[25 Dec 2002|12:29am]

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[24 Dec 2002|04:39am]
funny i thought the sign said "starcrest apartments" and not "starcrest storage units". cut the shit. i want my fucking key and last i checked there is no binding which promises your nasty ass furniture, nasty ass bathroom supplies and nasty ass kitchen wear a home for the rest of their lives. get your shit so you can hurry up and hit the bong. in addition please get your sick ass panties with the stains on them. THANKS!
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